Using Amazon Web Services and Artificial Intelligence to optimise ONE Nordic’s services


For ONE Nordic Measurement Technology, dealing with large amounts of data is an everyday affair. Their metrics are exported at night, optimising costs. However, the day-time load is significantly lower – forcing ONE Nordic to pay for an overcapacity. They also wanted to homogenise their servers and databases to make it easier to troubleshoot problems.

On the other hand, their electricity meters depict values ​​of both how much it has been used as well as how much must be charged. These values cannot be wrong and in case of a fail, a field technician needs to go out on-site and read it by hand. Purple Scout helped them make their system more efficient by updating their technology and thereby optimising their resources.

For such a challenge, Purple Scout saw solutions in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a tracking app using artificial intelligence-based optical eyes.

Measurements recorded


Increased efficiency

Together with ONE Nordic, we decided on a AWS Cloud and tracking app

ONE Nordic’s new AWS system helps them cut IT costs every day. One of the most noticeable gains in moving to the cloud is the ability to control capacity. The system now automatically scales up and down as required and therefore, they only pay for the space that they need.

On the other hand, new future-proof technology was introduced – a tracking mobile application that field technicians could download on their phones. To ensure efficient communication, an optical eye was placed on the electricity meter. This simple task, followed by the pressing of a button, eradicated the need for the field technician to keep track of each case individually. Instead, the reading was done wirelessly via Bluetooth, using a serial optical interface. Developed using the programming language Kotlin, this app continues to live in complete symbiosis with ONE Nordic’s automated system.


Niels Østergaard

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