Interactive application simplifies recording scientific observations for students


Natural History Museum wanted to develop a tool that could be used by school students to make scientific observations and descriptions. This tool should be used with photographs taken by the user themselves and should provide the opportunity to add notes and graphical description, as inspired by a similar scientific method used by the researchers.

In close collaboration with Natural History Museum, we tracked down what features the app should contain and how the user experience should be. Based on that we created an application with a minimalistic interface, that provides a variety of tools for the user to choose from in order to best express their observations. The descriptions are added directly to the images in the form of text, numbers, markings, and symbols.

Active users


Adding educational value

Together with Natural History Museum, we decided on an interactive application

We helped Natural History Museum to create a camera-based application that puts images taken by the user at the center and uses a minimalist interface that looks visually appealing regardless of the background motif. We let programming and user testing go hand-in-hand and ended up with a flexible production phase, focusing on optimizing the user experience and facilitation of the app’s educational purpose


Niels Østergaard

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