Experience the Roskilde Municipality Libraries’ digital offerings via Augmented Reality


Roskilde Municipality has significant digital offerings, one of which is access to a large variety of newspapers and magazines from all over the world in many different languages. Unfortunately, these were not gaining much customer involvement. Therefore, they ran a campaign that showcased their libraries’ vast digital offerings through augmented reality (AR). In order to create this, they used a unique AR experience with a hologram effect. This experience showed a giant smartphone on the floor where newspapers and magazines were pouring out, allowing the consumer to discover and see how large their digital selection is. This is currently an interactive screen installation at the libraries in the Roskilde Municipality.

Danish Kroner saved per accident


Decrease in accidents


Increased efficiency

Together with Roskilde Municipality, we decided on an AR showcase

Based on Roskilde Municipality’s requirements, we helped them with the production of the AR experience for the event space, integrated the library database to self-update with the most recent newspapers and magazines, established a physical event space in the libraries to attract customer attention and produced teaser movies, as a screensaver on other libraries’ screens.


Niels Østergaard

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