Investigating global warming with an interactive application


The Natural History Museum wanted to develop a teaching tool that high school students can use online to investigate the melting of the ice in Greenland. This was important for them to measure the evolution of glaciers and therefore, observe the rate of global warming.

In close collaboration with Natural History Museum, we tracked down exactly what features the tool should contain and how the user experience should be. We integrated historical aerial photographs and modern satellite photographs of the last century and developed a design that is both minimalist and high-tech in appearance. This program is now used for teaching Geography and Geoscience at colleges throughout the country.

Unique Reports Generated

Glacier Combinations Compared

Measurements Recorded

Together with Natural History Museum, we decided on an interactive application

We aided Natural History Museum in creating an application with a welcoming and tenacious user experience, which supports the fact that the tool makes use of real satellite photos and other scientific data. We let programming and user tests go hand in hand and ended up with a flexible production phase focusing on optimizing the user experience and facilitation of the tool’s teaching purpose.


Niels Østergaard

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