Developing a 3D printing software for facial prostheses using AI and real-time 3D


Due to maxillofacial defects, mainly caused by cancer or trauma, around 20,000 nose and ear prostheses are needed in Europe today. Producing these takes about three months, it is expensive and expertise within the area is very limited.

Patients with these defects often experience psychological problems and difficulties with social integration. FacePrint is a project that will aim to offer a low-cost and fast service for producing patient-specific nose or ear prostheses. Providing a rapid service that is cheaper than the current option will improve the social and emotional status of the patient, significantly increasing the quality of life.


Time saved


Cost reduction


Increased efficiency

Together with the FacePrint consortium, we decided on a 3D printing software

​Together with a consortium consisting of Oceanz B.V. (Netherlands), VU medical center (Netherlands), NanotecMARIN GmbH (Germany), Purple Scout (Denmark) and µRoboptics – Technical Consulting & Research (Portugal), the FacePrint service was created. Purple Scout developed the software for designing the prosthesis.

This cloud-based software allows doctors to make detailed changes, perfecting the result of the biocompatible prosthesis. The software uses machine learning, based on imaging data, to produce a 3D model of the prosthesis that matches the patient based on age and ethnicity.


Niels Østergaard

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