Increasing involvement with Echo Investment’s AR installation in a shopping mall


Echo Investment Poland was creating a new part of the Galaxy Szczecin mall and wanted the customers to have an interactive experience and play games when passing by the covered construction area. In order to do this, they wished to create a large scale Augmented Reality installation, installed on 2 floors, prior to the planned expansion of the shopping mall.

This AR installation had games and other interactive content on the screens – allowing the customers to play and unlock visuals of the new part of the mall. This installation was spread over two floors.


Udvidet Rækkevidde


Mere engagement

Together with Echo Investment Poland, we decided on an AR installation

Echo Investment Poland’s AR installation had interactive content on 4 screens with movement recognition systems and touch panels. One screen was occupied by the photo booth application. Users could choose different decorations, and then take a photo of themselves by raising their hands. Photos were sent to the server, where users could later see it on their mobile phones. Other screens were showing the future look of the new building and stores. Users could explore them by using touch panels.


Niels Østergaard

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