Web-based Augmented Reality


Web-Based Augmented Reality

What is Web-AR?

Web-based Augmented Reality (web-AR) allows users to experience AR directly on their browser. This experience includes viewing a product in 3D, placing it digitally in the real world as well as interacting with it in ways that are relevant to your product. This kind of customer nudging experience increases the emotional connection to the product and results in a more comfortable buying decision.

Web-AR is already changing brand experience and mobile shopping experiences. No need for an app, no downloads. Just one click on your mobile device, and you can see a product right in front of you.

Who can benefit from Web-AR?

Due to its flexibility, web-AR can be used by any B2B or B2C company that has physical products. Some examples of products that can be viewed in web-AR include furniture, lamps, sports and gym equipment, indoor and outdoor decorations, etc.

Why should I invest in Web-AR?

This solution is not only easy and quick to integrate into your existing webshop or website but will also help boost sales. Shopify’s recent research shows that by including 3D visualisations, businesses have been able to boost sales by 200%. Additionally, having an interactive element of your product will help your customers feel closer to your brand, thereby motivating them to keep coming back to you.

Related cases

Try Web-AR on your own device

This first web-AR example is a set of speakers created for HiFi-Klubben. In this example you can view a full rotation of the speakers, but in a live implementation you could place the speakers around your home to get a feel of what they would look like on that shelf of yours.

This example is a storage container created for Nordic Houseware Group. The design is inspired by the head of the iconic LEGO mini-figure. It can be used for storing LEGO bricks, other toys or even fruit. Interact with it and see if it fits in your home!

The example below is a foldable chair created for Sitpack.