Purple Labs


Purple Labs

At Purple Scout, we are always experimenting with the latest technology and pushing the limits. We are a curious bunch with many projects going on at the same time; some of which you can try below!

If you have an idea or a project that you want to experiment with, feel free to drop us an email so we can make it happen.

Skater runaway – part of Coolskills Project

Here you can see and experience how image recognition and Facebook AR camera works:

What do you need? Your smartphone and your computer screen (or a print out of this poster)

1. Go to this link using your smartphone.

2. Follow the instructions on Facebook.

3. Point your Facebook camera to this poster on your computer screen (or print out) to see the Skater come alive in Augmented Reality!


Web-AR demo – Part of Emerson’s digital development

Below you can experience how web-based AR can help you interact with an AR object on your smartphone – no extra applications needed! Click on the AR button on the top right corner to place it in your surroundings.

Social distancing – “Corona” Facebook filter Project

Below is a video testing the Social distancing filter.


3D scan – Part of the BACA Project

Here is a 3D-scanned real object converted to an interactive 3D experience. Try and place these shoes on a surface in AR by clicking the button on the top right corner. Feel free to zoom in or out to make them your size!

Mirror App – In-store virtual dressing room demo

(Real demo coming soon)

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