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Digital Showroom

What is a digital showroom?

A digital showroom is a 3D product configurator that allows users to interact with products before they have been purchased. This solution allows you to create an entirely customised product by altering different elements according to your needs. Following this, the solution can also use AR or VR to place this customised solution exactly where you would want the actual product to be. Additionally, you can interact with, play with and alter elements in real-time 3D.

Who can benefit from a digital showroom?

This digital showroom is specially curated to assist salespersons in selling customisable products & for companies that wish to offer their customers a chance to customise their own product without assistance. Some examples of these products are balconies, orangeries, winter gardens, garages, pools, elevators, etc.

Why should I invest in a digital showroom?

Digital showrooms not only help salespersons in selling products with ease but also helps customers to have some control over some design elements of the products. This kind of customer nudging experience increases the emotional connection to the product and results in a more comfortable buying decision. 

What platforms can it be used on?

This solution can be integrated with most existing platforms. It can work with your current website, apps, sales tools, etc. or as stand-alone platforms. 

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