Spreading awareness about saving water through a mobile app

Roskilde Municipality - Awareness App

In Denmark, most water comes from groundwater. Therefore, it is important to take care of the groundwater and take the necessary precautions in relation to protecting the groundwater resource from pollution and overexploitation. Roskilde Municipality wanted to launch a campaign about sustainable water extraction with the themes of saving water and using environment-friendly substances.

In order to support this campaign, Purple Scout made a learning game app for them called ‘Spar på vandet’ (Save water). This app familiarised its users with the journey that water must take in order to be a part of our lives. The story begins from a global perspective but ends locally in Roskilde Municipality. In addition, you get tips on what you can do yourself to save water and help the environment.

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Expanded outreach

Together with Roskilde Municipality we decided upon a mobile app

This learning and game app provides professional information in a fun and illustrative way to everyone, irrespective of their age. The game consists of 3 themes, where each theme is divided into 3 following parts: An animated film, a game, and a quiz. You earn points during the game, which ultimately gives an overall result. These learning aspects combined with gamification helped spread the campaign message to a large number of people.


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