Denmark’s first AR campaign in Outdoor advertising

Clear Channel and Kikkoman

As we got closer to the summer, Kikkoman wanted to raise awareness about using their products while grilling on a barbecue. They also wanted to get more users to their social media and website, where a huge inventory of recipes reside. They decided to have Clear Channel help them with some outdoor advertising to reach this goal. As Clear Channel’s partner, we decided to take this one step ahead with augmented reality elements.

This campaign went on to be the first outdoor AR-campaign in Denmark and was also featured in Dansk Markedsføring. It was displayed at bus stops and other displays all around the Greater Copenhagen area.

Due to the success of the first campaign, Kikkoman went on to create yet another AR campaign. This new campaign included a contest on social media. View the case video here:


More engagement


Expanded outreach

Display panels

Together with Clear Channel and Kikkoman we created an outdoor AR-campaign

The whole campaign was created via web-based augmented reality. This meant that the user could have their entire AR experience directly on the browser, eliminating the need for an app download. This experience included a video playing real-time on AR with the AR elements of a grill, some outdoor furniture and grass. Additionally, there were two customer touchpoints in the form of AR speech bubbles that lead to Kikkoman’s website and Instagram.


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Niels Østergaard

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