Implementing health and safety instructions via 3D animations on a mobile app

Coop - Health & Safety

COOP Danmark has many employees that spend their time at work lifting boxes and involved in other similar physical work. They noticed that these employees were not aware of the correct posture to maintain and the protocol to follow while conducting a specific task.

To solve this problem, COOP Danmark wanted to create an application that would teach their employees how to avoid causing physical damage to themselves while at work. They did this via a mobile information campaign which included concept development and production of instructional animations that were adapted to the various situations and target audiences.

Danish Kroner saved per accident


Decrease in accidents


Increased efficiency

The number of accidents has decreased by 25 percent, and the awareness campaign is a strong contributing cause for this. Our insurance costs have decreased by 25 percent, which is a huge saving. Purple Scout is good at seeing customer needs and challenging us. It’s important to us. We know everything about the work environment, but nothing about building an app.

Thomas Hermann

Head of Health and Safety, Coop Danmark A/S

Together with COOP, we decided on a 3D application

Given the task, we created 3D animated movies that show details of various ergonomically correct lifting techniques. In order for it to be easily accessible to the target audience, this information was made available through a mobile application.


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Niels Østergaard

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