Understanding the 5 stages of grief through an interactive VR experience

Haunted Healing - VR Experience

Haunted Healing is a 15-minute multiplayer animated VR experience where up to six audience members explore the five stages of grief, through different virtual rooms symbolising each stage. The story concerns 13-year-old Ann, who is mourning the loss of her father.

The experience includes four nonlinear interactive scenes in between a locked introduction and ending. The nonlinear interactive scenes allows upto 6 audience members to explore the different stages of grief at their own pace, before experiencing the ending. This symbolizes that grieving stages are experienced differently by each individual with no particular order.

This project was a partnership between XR production house MANND, and Scriptwriter and Director Rita Martinos. Purple Scout was responsible for all the 3D elements and environments of the experience. As part of the Cannes XR challenge, this project was awarded the first prize and will be part of the Marché du Festival – Festival de Cannes in 2021. The video showcased above is the 30 second pitch for this entry.

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It has been the utmost privilege to work alongside 3D Artist, Nicolai Villas Østergaard, who from the beginning understood the value and core identity of the concept, and who then transformed all the ideas into a beautiful 3D art piece that was centre for our concept explanation. We feel very honoured to have had him on board so far and hope to see this collaboration continue, working towards a final product together

Maria Herholdt Engermann & Signe Ungermand

Founders, Mannd

Together with MAAND and Rita Martinos, we created a virtual reality experience

For the Cannes XR competition, we created the 3D environment of the first stage, Denial. The user can move around in this environment and experience what the protagonist, Ann, feels. Each stage has a thematic colour psychologically linked to that emotion. This allows users to travel between stages via portals, which highlight each stage’s characteristic colour.


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Niels Østergaard

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