Using 3D animations to explain the functionality of Fluisense’s blood sampling system

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Oftentimes, blood samples are affected by the stress a patient feels before going through a blood tests. Fluisense identified this problem and created Fluispotter, a blood sampling system that is worn by the patient. This system is worn for a few days and collects blood samples during this time, resulting in clearer samples.

Since Fluispotter is still in the testing phase, the company reached out to Purple Scout to make a 3D animation as an instructional video for pharmacists.


Increased efficiency

Enhanced customer experience

Together with Fluisense, we decided on 3D animations

The collaboration resulted in a two and a half minute 3D animation that is currently being used for testing at hospitals. The video is a step-by-step animation instructing the viewers on how to use the Fluispotter. Since the animation was made using real-time 3D, it helped work in a non-disruptive workflow.


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Niels Østergaard

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