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When sales personnel at Ambu showcase their products, they use a special marketing application on their website. However, they wanted to improve this application to showcase their products in a more scientific, visual and engaging way rather than just showcase them. For this task, real-time 3D visualisation was the perfect way to reach all these goals as well as appear more innovative and modern with the use of technology.

Integrated with their existing sales tool, our 3D product visualisations allowed the customer to engage and interact with Ambu’s medical products. They were able to expand on various elements of each product as well as view animations of how to use the product.


Enhanced Customer Experience


More engagements

Increased Cost efficiency

The collaboration has enabled us not only to visualize the properties of the products in a unique way, but also to tell a story about the products in a way that we haven’t been able to before. We believe that this can make a big difference for our customers.

Michael Aspe-Gürtler

Director for Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics, Ambu

​Together with Ambu, we decided on real-time 3D product visualisations

Ambu’s new interactive sales tool allowed the users to explore the 3D products on their own as well as view 3D animations that showcased the product in use. It allowed them to see the advantages of using each product by interacting with various parts. The sales tool also included 2D animations with instructions and information for the patients. This app was based on Ambu’s visual identity and its existing app design.


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Niels Østergaard

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